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The skin is an important part of the body not only for its attention drawing properties but also in its ability in protecting our ever important internal organs. A beautiful and glowing skin is an eye candy that leaves a long lasting impression on people and might eve
n bring luck your way.
So how do you go about improving your skin? You probably have tried many skin care product but no luck or maybe its working but the side effects is giving you concern and you are looking for alternative, cucumber to the rescue,no risk whatsoever.

Cucumber is a very edible vegetable containing 95% water much more nutritious than regular water, contains vitamins and minerals which makes them a healthy choice for snacking or cooking, low in fat and calories. Commercially, it comes in two varieties; slicing cucumber for direct consumption and pickling cucumber which end up being processed into pickles.
Its high water content, vitamin A, B, C coupled with the presence of magnessium, potassium and silica make it an essential part of skin care, facial masks containing cucumber juice can be used for skin tightening.
            Swellings and puffness seen under the eyes as a result of the skin high water retention rate is brought down and eliminated by ascorbic acid and caffeic acid found in cucumber. Application of raw cucumber skin reduces inflammation and heat and also brings relief to a sunburned skin.
Care should be taken when buying as overly matured and yellow coloured cucumber contains matured seed and more insoluble fibres which are undesirable. Buy firm and dark green ones.
                                    RECIPE FOR A GLOWING SKIN
1)    Blend 4-5 leaves of fresh mint.
2)    Peel and remove seed from cucumber.
3)    Add mint leaves to cucumber to make a puree.
4)    Beat egg white abd keep separate, add the egg white to the cucumber mixture.
5)    Apply this evenly on your skin for 20 minutes and then rinse with water.


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