Friday, 7 November 2014

188 Palestinians arrested in Jerusalem in the last two weeks

he Israeli police have arrested 188 Palestinians over the course of the last two weeks, confirmed Israeli Police Chief Micky Rosenfeld on Twitter.

Shortly after, Rosenfeld published another tweet in which he said, "Police continue security measures in Jerusalem. Yesterday 16 suspects were arrested for rioting, over the past two weeks police arrested 188 suspects."

Rosenfeld, who serves as the foreign press spokesmen for the Israeli police, did not specify where the arrests took place or if there were any other witnesses.

According to Palestinian Jerusalemites residing in the city, the Israeli police have increased the number of arrest since July following clashes that occurred after 17-year-old Mohammad Abu Khudair was kidnapped and murdered. Nasser Quos, who serves as the president of the Palestinian Prisoner's club in Jerusalem, which is a non-governmental organisation, also confirmed this statement.

The arrests are occurring in both Palestinian homes and on the streets where the number of clashes between Palestinian youth and Israeli forces continue to intensify. Due to increasing violence resulting from Israeli policies, the Israeli government is trying to prevent Palestinian youth from throwing stones by sanctioning Palestinian Jerusalemites in addition to intensifying the security presence in Jerusalem at large.

According to an official statement issued by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office, "The Israeli government approved an amendment to the penal code today that would allow the Israeli government to tighten sanctions on Palestinians who throw stones at cars. The amendment states that it will increase the number of sanctions that will be imposed on any individual who throws a stone at an automobile of any kind. Anyone found guilty of this may also be subject to 20 years in prison".

According to the Palestinian Prisoner's Club, Israeli authorities have detained more than 7,000 Palestinians in jails.


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