Saturday, 18 August 2012



            Earning extra income online has been around on the internet for some time and experience among the participants varies considerably; while it has been productive for some, it has been a total waste of time and loss for others. My experience online has been one of mixed fortunes  with lots of heart thumping moments, ups and downs with many twists and turns. I could recall happy times and bad times when things goes and stays south but I kept going as could be said of other people.
            Getting acquainted with bankers has some positive side to it which might be life changing at times. Late February, I got to the thick of discussion with a banker friend  where we reminisce about our adventure online and I was able to get this great business out of him. For three months I never took him serious, my love for adventure spurred me to give it a try and voila it’s working pretty good for me. So now am giving it to you so you could try it too, thank me later if it works for you (which am sure will) but call me crazy now because you don’t believe me.

            No risk no venture. Business is accompanied with risks especially when it’s on the internet and this is no exception. The only risk here is entrusting your money to the company and stay back while they do business with it and give back to you a percentage as an acknowledgement for trusting them with your money. And yeah you are free to withdraw back your money if you don’t feel comfortable with them.

§  Type into your browser.
§  On the homepage is a dialogue box that requires you to enter your sponsors ID
§  Enter 1849907 and you will be taken to the registration page, proceed to register.
§  Make sure you have account like liberty reserve,Perfect money or AlertPay and link it with your profile so you can fund your account on justbeenpaid (JBP)
§  You have $10 in your account by default and can be used to buy position
§  Fund your account on JBP and buy positions, each position cost $10
§  For every position you buy is a 2% returns ($0.2) on weekdays and 1.5% ($0.15) on weekends.
§  Supposing you invest $100, you get to buy ten positions with it; here’s your earnings                              0.2*10 positions =$2 per day on weekdays
0.15*10 positions =$1.5 per day on weekends
$13 dollars per week
§  You can buy as many positions as possible to get great accumulation per day or week.
§  You may want to start with little and subsequently increase it as you get comfortable with them.
§  The percentage return is small but what else do we expect, give out the money and let them worry about making chunks out of it.
§  When I started out I buy a new position each time I accumulate $10 consequently increasing my position.
§  Refer as many people as possible and give them your ID number so you could be their sponsor……
§  Visit the site and get more information.
Am probably feeling some people laughing their eyes out because they consider this a fraud, you won’t know how real it is until you take part…. It’s working for me so it’s going to work for you too.


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