Saturday, 18 August 2012



Humanity is nearing total obliteration,people die everyday through violence for no just cause, the world is under threat caused by its inhabitant. There is hardly a place where there is stable peace, where there are no actual fighting there is tension and where the tension is not local it is international
.Man in his unique being is capable of  bringing complete peace and harmony into his environment but it seems as it is that evolution never completely takes its toll on some being which is evident in the display of animalistic behaviours.
          Before World War 1, utopia was in sight, there was peace and prosperity. Then everything blew up. We’ve been in a state of suspended animation since then. In 1914, the world lost a coherence which it had not manage to recapture since. This has been a time of extraordinary disorder and violence, both nationally and internationally. And ever since 1941, everybody conscious of trends in the world should be deeply troubled by what has seemed like a fated and predetermined march toward ever greater disaster. Many people have come to feel that nothing could be done to avert the plunge towards ruin. They see the human race, like the hero of a greek tragedy, driven on by angry gods and no longer the master of fate.
          Ironically, it is those movements and communities that view themselves as morally sanctioned who fail most strikingly to be moral. Men now love nothing but money and self; arrogant, boastful and abusive with no respect for parents, no gratitude,no piety, no natural affection;implacable in their hatreds,scandal mongers,intemperate and fierce,strangers to all goodness,traitors,adventurers and swollen with self importance. Sick and troubled by the deplorable state of the planet, i have tried to highlight some points that I think might put the world back to a more peaceful state.

No way you say! Wait before you close this page,I am not telling you to blow yourself  up like one psyched up jihadist neither am I telling you to preach hate nor to falsely predict end of the world like some psycho did to gain attention. All religion agreed that love, life and light are the three phases of the supreme source of all that exists. It is in this vast ocean of love, life and light that we live, have our very being and move about. If you believe in this too then you are religious! It is our failure to know this truth much less practice it in our daily life that has led to endless fear, helplesness and misery that surrounds us in the world inspite of all our effort to get rid of them.
The world is plunged into chaos due to lack of knowledge. People see themselves as Christians, Muslims, Hinduist, Taoist, Judaist, Jewish, Zionists and the likes,and not as human being; what difference does it make if am muslim and you are christian? aren’t we all human beings? this segregation into groups breeds nothing but hatred, abhors cooperation and unity, it’s high time we all realise there are only two types of people;good people and bad people and that it is the evil in the society we must fight and not one another.
   What do you make of a man so pious and so knowledgeable but no patience, got all fussy on small things?imagine how many wars that could have been avoided had somone tried to be patient,if somone had not been in haste to use the weapon of mass destruction at his disposal. We all need to have the ability to stay calm when trouble come knocking, have it in mind that at some time we will be tested and it is how we respond that’s going to define what happens next. Atleast, care about your dignity and the world around you. We need to foster the virtues of patience and compassion in ourselves.
The quality of allowing other people to say and do as they like even if you do not agree or approve of it. Check all around you and see for yourself  what low tolerance has resulted to.
You married because you could tolerate each other, made friends with people because you tolerated them;everybody you tolerated have diverse behaviours even ones you don’t all that like, yet you tolerated them. If you could tolerate these people then you can tolerate anybody, all you need is the mindset. We must stop centering our attention on what is wrong with the other person and concentrate on what is wrong with us as individuals. We need to take our own moral inventory rather than concentrating on the defect of others.
Every form of  knowledge  comes to nought if it lacks wisdom. The ability to use your experience and knowledge in order to make sensible decisions or judgement is wisdom. Nations, dignitaries, noblemen have all squared against one another just because they have failed in applying wisdom to the knowledge they have. Possess wisdom and use it to make the world a better place.


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